July 25, 2017

Science and Technology

Science and Technology Department (STD) is one of the departments in IAAS LC UB that focus on science and technological knowledge for each member. This department has some work programs to give information about the issues in agriculture areas. We have a goal to play the role in skill development to organizing, coordinating and promoting IAAS with the contemporary way.


  1. Foreign Language Class

Foreign Language Class (FLC) is conducted once a month starting from February to May and September to November. The activities that have been done include writing, speaking, listening, and writing training about motivation letter. FLC activities are carried out using widely related agricultural materials. In the implementation, class activities are performed in relaxed situations such as listening to songs in the listening sessions and meet with native speakers and make a discussion forum about the environment and Agriculture field, with the concept of casual meeting outside the classroom.


  1. Information and Technology Training

Information and Technology Training (IT Training)  is a training that is held to develop and provide learning to members about skills in IT. The training includes graphic design using photoshop and corel draw, video editing. In the video editing, participants are taught from video capture techniques to the editing activities.


  1. Global Development in Agrocomplex Workshop (GDA)

Global Development in Agrocomplex Workshop (GDA Workshop) is a workshop that will discuss with scientists, technologists and innovate agricultural practices can improve sustainable productivity in the food and agrocomplex sectors with a focus on collaboration of national or international agricultural institutions. This activity will involve IAAS members directly through seminars and workshops that will cover the activities of agriculture field


  1. Tractor Training

Tractor Training (TT) is one of training activities for tractor usage. This is because this activity is one of the requirements for members who will or want to follow the Exchange Program. The purpose of this activity is to increase the knowledge and ability of members in using tractors which is one of the means in improving the yield and quality of agricultural production. Implementation of Tractor Training activities should be conducted in institutions / agencies that provide training facilities for tractor so members can practice directly.


  1. Agrolearning









Agrolearning is an activities that aimed to introducing all about agriculture in particular to IAAS members and the community. This activity can be organized with a campaign form to schools to provide knowledge and training on the importance of agriculture.