International Assosiation of Student in Agricultural and Related Science (IAAS) LC UB proudly presents

With theme “Youth Act Against Hunger in Indonesia”
With Sub theme:
What will you do to overcome hunger in Indonesia, if you were:
1. Agricultural expert
2. Technology expert
3. Politician and Economist
4. Social Activist

Prizes :
1st winner : Rp. 1.000.000 + certificate
2nd winner :Rp. 700.000 + certificate
3rd winner : Rp. 500.000 + certificate

Registration form : bit.ly/7thiss-nec
Terms and guidelines: bit.ly/7thiss-bookletnec

Please upload your Student ID Card in the form of a photo/scanning in this form, and make sure your data is correct. after you fill out the form , you will receive a confirmation from us through your contact.
For more information please contact us :
Dina :
081252734328 / dindinadin16
Sukraj :
083879572482 / sukraj_p


Think Globally, Act Locally!
Facebook: IAAS Indonesia LC-UB
Twitter: @IAAS_UB
Youtube: IAAS UB
Website: www.ub.iaas.or.id

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