We are organization that binds together all students around the world that share a similar dream and ideals for Agricultural and the Related sciences. With committees in over 30 countries and about 10.000 members we are globally the biggest international student organisation in the field of agriculture and food production. By the activities that IAAS organizes, students get the opportunity to learn about agriculture and related sciences all over the world. Next to this the students also have the ability to exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas among each other on international level and learn from this.


International Youth Climate Summit (IYCS) 2016

IYCS is a platform for youth all over the world to gather for discussing and solve the environmental issues especially climate change which is in urgency to have environmental conservation, but contrary to industrial development.

IWOCA 2015

International Working Camp 2015, as the one of the ways to reach the organization mission which is making a mutual understanding between youth in agricultural sector.

6th ISS and Agriculture Competition

6th International Scholarship Seminar and Agriculture Competition will be held on 6 - 7th November 2016. The Agriculture Competition consist of LCTP and NEC. Achieve your chance now !


National Congress 2015 is discussing various things like accountability National Committee (NC), the selection and maintenance of NC new period IAAS Indonesia working agenda until the next year.



Village Concept Project is a special work program with special teams as well, the goal is to empowerment coastal communities BAJULMATI Beach, South Malang.


Exchange Program

‘Expro’ exists over 45 years and in this time, more than 20.000 students have been exchanged with IAAS. Giving opportunities to all students in Countries, where a recognised local committee of IAAS is active.

Mission and History

IAAS, the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences, is a worldwide network of student leaders in the aforementioned fields. Its mission is to promote the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas, and to improve the mutual understanding between students in the fields of agricultural and related sciences all over the world. Since its establishment in 1957, IAAS has expanded its reach to 25 countries, with multiple chapters in many of the countries. IAAS organizes activities like seminars, working camps, international meetings, exchange weeks, an international exchange program and small-scale development projects.

IAAS UB Local Committee (LC-UB) is accepted as a candidate member of IAAS Indonesia in 1993. The founder who applying for the establishment of IAAS LC-UB is SEMA Chairman of the Faculty of Agriculture, Ahmad Sirojuddin who later served as director of the local Committee (LCD) IAAS LC -UB first period. In 1994 this status has been turned into a full-member. The first activity is an activity undertaken Exchange Program especially the sending program to send one member of IAAS LC-UB to Switzerland to participate in an internship program at a local farmer for about 3 months.



Project Participant

IAAS Member

Our Work

IAAS is a place for students to realize their aspirations agriculture through various activities in the field of agriculture. Through the work program IAAS agricultural students are trained to hone their ability to find a way out of the problems facing the world of agriculture. IAAS also facilitate the exchange of information for students of various countries.

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Our Team

In IAAS, the organization is run by the Executive Committee to be controlled by the Control Committee. Executive Committee (EC) is the executive body of the national IAAS responsible for duties IAAS namely Local Committee Director (LCD), Local Deputy Director (DLD), and Executive Secretary (ES).

Ahmad Aqillah Prawira Local Committee Director


Kanza Nabeela Puteri Deputy Local Director


Nur Oktavia Suci Executive Secretary


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