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Sunday, March 8, 2015



Thursday, March 5, 2015


      Science and Technology Development Department is an internal department that facilitates IAAS, especially member of IAAS in developing their skill and their passion relating to science and technology such as learning about language, visiting  the industry, learning to drive a tractor, studying  IT and provide information on scholarships abroad.

Programs of STD Department

1. Foreign Language Class (FLC)
      Training activities and the use of foreign languages ​​which can increase the ability of all members in foreign language. FLC material is made not too formal/ serious but still on an early goal. F LC in the span of the future can be developed more widely so it is not boring.

2. Information Technologi Class (ITC)
    Activities that contains training and learning more about  IT. In this activity, participants are expected to be trained in Design (Corel, Photoshop), Blog, Video Editor, as well as other matters relating to IT.

3. Library and Mading (LM)
     Activities that contains record book collection, perform regular updates and ngepublish mading around UB, create articles about agro complex. For the next period is expected Library & Mading can establish a system inventory journals, lectures and other slides, as well as a collection of software that is in need by students and IAAS in the form of e-lab and soft addict.

4. IAAS Goes to Industry (IGI)
    IAAS Goes to Industry is an activity aim to add insight and knowledge, improve hard skills and soft skills evoke the spirit of entrepreneurship IAASers by visiting processing industry which includes agrokomplek field.

5. Scientific Class (SCIC)
    This SCIC activity is an activity containing preparation PKM sharing with invited speakers from IAAS-er himself who had escaped PKM. As well as increasing sofskill and hardskill IAAS-er in writing PKM

6. Tractor Training (TT)
    In this training, participants are taught how to cultivate agricultural land using hand tractors and large tractors. Besides the skill to be able to use the tractor is needed for the exchange program

7. International Scholarship Seminar (ISS)

   ISS is activity that contains the info scholarships abroad by inviting representatives from the consulate general, scholarship foundation, and scholars. It is for the participants, especially students who will continue the higher level abroad. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Organization Structure of IAAS LC UB 2013/2014

Executive Committee
Local Committee Director : Mulyani
Deputy Local Director : Wara Alfa Syukrilla
Executive Secretary : Luluk Khanifah

Coordinator Department
Co Dept Public Relation : Wiena Ayunani Niken Nastiti
Co Dept Exchange Program : Yoladei Anneke Putri
Co Dept Project : Muhammad Mikha'il Yafis
Co Dept Science and Technology Development : Presticia Indri Rosa Wardani
Co Dept Human Resource Development : Muhammad Rifaldi Arenda

Control Council Local Committee
Rio Rhizky
Kukuh Budi Santoso
Akhmad Furqon Rusyadi


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Office: Sekretariat Bersama Kav. 21 A Universitas Brawijaya Jalan MT. Haryono 161 Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia 66145